Our Vision

Our vision is to give the opportunity to every single boy and girl to access the transformational personal development tools and practices available to them, to allow them to live their optimum, healthy and fulfilled life.

Mission Statement

With the right partners, we will design a program for education systems called PD (personal development), allowing kindergarten, schools and universities to incorporate this vital learning into their teachings.
We will use the best technologies available to reach every single student, including the ones that have no resources, and in turn, we will watch the next generation evolve into balanced and nourished beings.

What we strive for

Creating a movement to encourge wholehearted wellness, leadership skills & values in our education system

Testimonials of clients

We're proud of what we do, and
we're really excited when we get
feedback from our clients.

Having experienced the program himself, Ricardo was prepared for my questions, my mental and emotional preparation, he always gave me the energy to go on.
With our sessions I learned how to look to things in different perspectives, to trust more in my capabilities and to live in the present moment.
I can recommend the WildFit program with Ricardo for anyone who wants to break-free from dieting or just wants to live a healthy conscious lifestyle.

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