Benefits of yoga for children

Benefits of yoga for children

For those of you have discovered yoga & integrated into your life, you will know just what a necessity it is in moving not only your body and stretching your muscles, but for clearing your mind, moving stuck emotions, and releasing any dense energy that may be stored in your body.

Knowing how much good yoga does for you, you can imagine what wonderful gifts it has in store for your children! I for sure, wish I had learnt these life skills at a much younger age than around 30!

Children’s yoga doesn’t have to be as structured or focussed as adult yoga, it can be used as a fun way of exercise and play. A friend of mine, for example, created an amazing children’s book based around yoga poses connecting to animals, to make classes fun and interactive. It’s a great way to get children in a group setting, sharing this fun activity and incorporating it into their daily routine from a young age.

The benefits of yoga for children are endless:

1. Emotional & mental wellbeing

Your child becomes more aware of how they feel and can connect easily to their emotions. Through the yoga, breath, and relaxation, they can connect with where they feel emotions in their body and how they can work through feelings into a more positive space.

2. Physical health and wellbeing:

Yoga is a great way to get your child moving and away from digital devices. Get your child away from a screen, from using their phones or watching online videos, get them moving their body and stretching out from sitting all day.

3. Tune up the brain!

Yoga can help their brain activity, activate meridian points to wake up the brain. This translates into clarity, ability to learn and absorb information better, keep calm in stressful situations or challenges and understand the benefits of good physical and mental coordination.

Most of all, yoga and mindfulness in children allows them to have a much more joyful life. We all know that life comes with challenges and by installing some mindful movement into your child’s day from a young age, it allows them to come into adult life as joyful beings. If events in their lives have already dulled their natural radiance, yoga can help them reclaim it and navigate life with calm, patience and compassion.

If you are looking for a place to begin with introducing yoga to your children, we highly recommend this wonderful lady.

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Article by Lauren Bagley

MCI Creative Editor

Current location: Bali, Indonesia

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