How important it is to teach compassion to students

Compassion is something that is necessary to be taught to students in treatment of themselves and of others. If children and adolescents can learn about compassion, it can help to prevent many self sabotaging challenges in individuals, as well as criticism,  negative talk to others and bullying.

Compassion is something that can easily be taught, by adults in the family, peers and teachers. Children learn from what they see, what they experience around them & the love that they receive. By teaching the younger generation how to experience each day with love, kindness & compassion, we can help to create a future of conscious humans, that are evolving with emotional intelligence at the forefront of their growth. Relationships can be built on connections that are deep, and that are filled with honouring one anothers vulnerability, and supporting connections that are compassionate, filled with a sense of care & willingness to help. This is the kind of world that we can build as we move through life & support each other in our development and have awareness for everyone’s individual journey and that no two people are the same.

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