How Meditation has a positive impact on the students

Meditation is a spiritual and mindful practice that helps an individual achieve the state of peace, calm and clarity. This is not just for spiritual seekers, but for everyone that wishes to enjoy the benefits of living life in a more balanced state.

Anxiety is common in so many people, and it is often a taboo subject, leaving young people scared to talk about it & scared to feel the feelings they are feeling.

Life can be overwhelming, especially when you are under pressure to study, make new friends, to try to fit in, experience new experiences, step outside of your comfort zone. We all remember the fears that come with being a child & adolescent.

Anxiety is so common nowadays in many people & it can often be a terrifying feeling to experience, let alone admit to anyone. Leaving younger individuals scared to talk about it & scared to feel the feelings they are experiencing.

Simply working with the mind with the help of meditation leads to an improved sense of presence, calm, attentiveness, and an increase in valued human qualities such as empathy and patience. Therefore, starting this practice at a young age can support children and young adults in so many ways.

With small lifestyle changes, students can harness the power of meditation and have a stress-free learning period. With regular practice the advantages will be visible.

A calm mind helps to reduce stress & anxiety, with improved ability to focus, process & deliver on tasks. Meditation can help with pre-exam anxiety & fear, by allowing individuals to feel more present and prepared to step into their exams. Two studies have found that the Transcendental meditation reduces the symptoms of depression. Both anxiety and depression causes disruption in the learning process when the exam date nears, so with regular meditation it can be taken care.

Aside from studying and exams, meditation and mindfulness is a life skill. It allows the individual to experience pure joy in their lives, allowing them to be present in each moment, with their families, their friends, enjoying their favourite meal. It reminds them to find happiness in every moment, which alone allows for a cheerful personality, and a valuable life skill that they can take with them into each relationship, job or inevitable life challenge.

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