What is flow state?…

2021 – We are nearly 8 months in, and what a year! Again!

It’s been fascinating to me how I have personally dealt with moments of frustration, grief, anger, uncertainty. It’s unsettling, and worry for loved ones is a natural response.

I have to say, I am super grateful for the skills I have learnt in previous years. In fact, I feel like everything was preparing me for exactly where I am right now.

We always have a choice, in moments of fear, anxiety & vulnerability – do we wake up each day to just survive? Or do we claim back our power and thrive?

It’s important for me to state, that I don’t declare we push away these feelings, very much the opposite – we embrace them, we welcome them, we find opportunities in the chaos.

A mindset that has been coming up for me a lot recently is ‘flow state’.

So what Is flow?

Well, it Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes it as what we feel when we are alive.

Involved with what we do, and in harmony with the environment around. us.

Lastly, he says there is a full concentration or complete involvement.

Flow state is probably something you have experienced without realising it. It usually happens when you immerse yourself in something you love so much that you forget everything around you.

But how does flow truly feel?

The feeling of flow state could be described as a personal feeling of ecstasy.

Flow state is awareness and action merge, you get out of boredom, you get into creative flow, but not with so much excitement that you don’t know where to begin and it launches you into a state of stress and anxiety. A good example is writing, you get your idea, you begin writing it.

Once your mind and action connects so deeply to the task at hand, you go into flow state and everything else phases out.

In the state of flow, you don’t worry about failure whatsoever. You keep working on the task that you’re doing until completion. There was a cyclist that talks about this in one of Mihaly’s talks:

“ You feel like…there’s nothing that will be able to stop you or get in your way. And you’re ready to tackle anything, and you don’t fear any possibility happening, and it’s just exhilarating.”

Personally, during the past 18 months if discomfort & chaos, my passion project, and also my day to day job, have kept me in flow state, kept me focussed.

You know that saying? ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’

In flow state, your insecurities fade away. Everything around you seems not to matter. Your relationship issues, the bills that are stressing you out, the unanswered questions on your monkey mind. In flow state – only the task at hand is in your focus.

When you feel good, you flow effortlessly, you follow your heart, you get in the zone of the task at hand.

Flow is in fact, fundamental to wellbeing and mental health, it gets you into a ‘flowy’ state where your tasks feel effortless, uplifting & joyful. The sense of time is distorted, you fully immerse yourself, you are more productive, you can complete tasks in much less time than something you are not enjoying and procrastinating over.

Flow is a concept that must be mastered because it can give you that extra edge while competing against others in your field of interest.

In flow state, your prefrontal cortex shuts down – your brain cannot decipher between the past, now and tomorrow. You are fully in the now, fully involved in the task in hand. Your inner critic gets silent, you are getting out of your own way. You experience full embodiment, your risk taking goes up, creativity lifts – you get a huge boost in brain enhancing neuro chemicals – your motivation, creativity & learning increases & you go into super power mode!

Be the master of your own ship, choose what you are working on, choose what you are putting your energy into.

Remember, you don’t need to survive, you can in fact thrive.

My passion is to create a business built on genuine compassion, care & excitement about human evolution. We can consciously grow, expand & change as little or as often as we wish.

If you would like to discuss ways in which I reached this flow state & a more empowered life, I am offering a free 30 minute consultation in which we can connect & discuss your thoughts, goals, questions, or simply have an informal chat.

Connect with me here – https://miracorreainstitute.com

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